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About Jean
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I am a freelancer who has always been passionate about organisation and management and I have utilised these skills for more than 10 years working within the National Health Service. Over the years, my passion for organising and management increased and this is when I decided to help others grow their businesses efficiently and effectively by assisting them with the tasks they loathe.

GinCigaz Everyday  is an efficient, organised and reliable service offered to individuals and small to medium business owners. I love what I do and you are here because you know my aim is to free up your time so you can focus on other important stuff. Whether its admin tasks, event planning or project management, this is where I come in. I am based in Sheffield UK but aim to provide my services both nationally and internationally maintaining an atmosphere of exactness, efficiency and attention to detail.

It’s who I am …. My goal is to create work that is satisfactory, offer solutions that are explanatory, inspirational and that are a ticket to a better life. The services I provide possess a knack for achieving and maintaining elegance and a strong ethical foundation. If I can’t be of service, I may know others who can meet your needs.

Let’s work together!

BSc Biomedical Science 
Skills: Analytical, Practical, Numeracy, Ethical Awareness, Initiative, Decision Making

Cert in Quality Management
Skills: communication, project and planning management, customer focus and good business sense, analytical and logical approach, good negotiating skills

Cert in First Line Management 
Skills: resource planning, improving team performance, leadership, corporate social responsibility, relationship building, measuring and improving quality

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